Your dream about playing much better golf, it´s now a reality.

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Introducing Best-Putt

  • It is a gadget designed to facilitate the practice of the short game.

  • Functional and practical, fulfills the main objectives of practicing the short game: the automation and repetition of the strokes under any circumstances.

  • By having a "contact zone", were the player must reach and touch with the back of the hand at the moment of impacting the ball, will have a permanent correction factor.

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Main characteristics

  • Light, small and handy to carry.

  • Durable and easy to store.

  • Adapts to countless positions.

  • Fits indistinctly for right and left handed players.

  • Helps the player to maintain a constant speed of the club.

  • Innovative gadget for the improvement of the short game: putting and approach.

  • The player will have a real sensation of passing his hands.

  • It makes the putter´s head parallel to the ground, keeping it aligned with the objective.

  • Makes your mind constantly remember the contact zone.

  • By practicing constantly, this gadget will guarantee importants improvements in your short game.


How does it works.